Engine :                                     
bullet Make: Mercedes Benz
bullet Model: OM 352 A
bullet Type: 4 Stroke, turbo charged, diesel, 6 cyl in line
bullet Displacement: 5 675 cm3
bullet Maximum Power (DIN): 124 kw (166 hp) 2 2 800 Rpm
bullet Power/mass ratio: 11,4 kw/t (15,2 hp/t)
bullet Maximum torque (DIN): 520 Nm @ 1 700 Rpm
Speed :        
bullet Acceleration: 0 - 80 km/h 60 seconds
bullet Top speed: 90km/h

Dimensions :

bulletLength: 6 900mm
bulletWidth: 2 450mm
bulletHeight: 3 125mm
bulletWheelbase: 4 200mm
bulletGround Clearance ZF Axles
bulletFront: 376mm (including protection plate)
bulletRear 410mm
bulletM-B Axles
bulletFront: 330mm (including protection plate)
bulletRear: 360mm
Armour :      
bullet Ballistic protection
bullet 7,62 x 39 mm AK
bullet 7,62 x 51 mm Ball
bullet Land Mine Protection
bullet 3 x TM-57 Anti-tank land-mines (equivalent of 21 kg of TNT) under any wheel or 2 x TM-57 landmines (equivalent of 14 kg of TNT) under the hull.

Armament : 


Weight :    
bullet Tare: 9480kg
bullet Payload: 1 400kh
bullet GVM: 10 880kg

Crew :

bullet Driver, co-driver and up to 12 personnel




Note rubber Mud Guards

Axle Sheck Straps

Right Tail Light assembly

Transfer Box

Engine Vents right side from the rear

Engine vent Close up


Shrouded Exhause and Spare wheel winch

Left Side Engine Vents

Spare wheel holder , one on each side

Rear Axle

Diesel Filler

Left Side showing Windows

Left Tail Light

Water Filler

Standard NATO Tow Hitch

Rifle Rack left side Barrel Clips

Left side stock holders

Right side Stock Holders

Right side barrel clips

Water Tank. Located at the rear of the troup compartment

Seat back rest

Seat Base

Complete Seat

Single Barrel clip

Gun Port

Stripped Ambulance

Ambulance cupboards

Right side Cupboards, Ambulance

Steering Box

Seat rails

Dash, Drivers View


Driver and co driver Rifle holders

Rear door closers

View from the Rear