This space is dedicated to reviews that have been done by Modelers on the various kits that they have built.
The Opinions expressed here are those of the respective Modelers

Reviews By Erwin

WWI WWII Modern Other
Ford T Ambulance Cromwell MK IV  Samil 20 MiG 37 "Ferret"
Fokker Dr-1 C7P(p) Recovery Tractor "Klara" Mfezi  
Handley-Page 0/400 Comet Tank MK1 AVRO Shackleton MR3  
  Horsa Mk2    
  Mustang MKI    
  Hawker Fury    
  Flettner FL 282 "Kolibri"    
  ZiS-5V and PG117 Russian Army Sea Glider    
  Miles Magister    
  ME 108 "Taifun"    
  Parm 1    
  Tatra T-97    
  Focke-Wulf Fw 58B "Weihe"    


Reviews By Graeme

WWI WWII Modern Other
  M4 Sherman    


Dioramas by François ( Swa)

WWI WWII Modern Other
  The Bell Robbers