MiG -37 Ferret

Kit                                    : MiG-37 Ferret
 : Italeri
       : 1/72
        : Injection moulded
        : Humbrol en Model Master

            : Nihil
Documentation              : Nihil (few pictures of models on Internet)

Look at it this way: you buy a kit second hand for a reasonable price and you get a second kit as a bonus. What to do? You take it of course, glad as a child that got some candy, Wow, what a deal!
Checking both kits reveals they are complete except for the box-art of the second kit. 

This is what happened to me when i bought a Hind helicopter and got this MiG-37 with it. The MiG was then considered as some sort of Stealth, possible counterpart of the F-117. Later was found out that this MiG never existed and that it was only the result of some sort of thinking from model makers at Italeri. They have some sort of tradition there since they made more than one such things. But is looks good and it is something odd to make. 

The kit:

This comes in entirely black plastic and has good detailing on the under surfaces, just like real.
There is a rather simple but fair enough “bath tub”, a could-be-better seat and a nice clear canopy that can be mounted open or closed.

Landing gear and weapons excepted, this kit only counts about 15 parts. The landing gear is detailed rather well and needs only some paint. There is a choice of weapons between two bombs or a bomb and two rockets but these rockets have square bodies and I deleted them. 



The cockpit consists of a bathtub in which you need to place an ejection seat (3 parts) a dashboard and a control column. This look rather unreel when you consider the fact that an

F-16 already uses some sort of joystick. I painted the cockpit USSR Interior Green from Model Master. The USSR colours of this name are meant for Flankers, so we are not far off.

The body is cut horizontally  and this leaves you no seems to clean up. Two small fans are provided as intakes and there is a big part in the rear with two exhausts that need to be painted gunmetal. On top of the fans comes a plate with two big lights. I cut those lights off, drilled them out and put a drop of yellow paint in them. When dry a drop of Kristal Klear was added.

Both tail planes and each wing are also provided with a light that gets the same treatment; tail lights yellow and green and red for the wings.

3 flaps must be placed between the tail planes and behind the exhausts. This look s rather absurd because in reality, the heat from the exhausts would meld them. Two big airbrakes come on top of the body.

Once all of this was constructed, I painted it black. 

The landing gear was constructed according to plan, the doors were cut in half and mounted in open position and then armament was placed. I decided to construct both bombs and leave the two rockets away. Reason to so is the fact that the rocket bodies are square and, as far as I know, no such things exist. Wheel hubs are painted in that so typical Russian green. Bombs were painted olive green. 



You get 2x the same decals but once in red and once in black. The red ones are for a black plane, the black ones for a white plane.

There are many decals and they are rather thin and so they ask many hours to place them where needed. To me, it looked necessary to apply a coat of gloss varnish first. Afterwards, the decals can be sealed with a coat of satin varnish. 

Finishing touch:

In order to give the aircraft some sort of operational character, I applied some exhaust stripes on the tail flaps. I also added some light grey dry brushing on the protruding parts. Not much but it gives a little detail. 


When you know that this MiG never existed, than do not bother buying this kit unless you like weird things or SF.

But it is a nice looking aircraft that easily can take his place next to an F-117, F-32 or F-35 although you even can place it in the “What if?” category. 



Keep ‘m building. 

Erwin Bovyn


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