Grant Specifications

Designation :

Grant Medium Tank

Engine :

Wright Continental R-975

Type :

Medium Tank

Range :

260 km

Length :

5,630 m

Speed :

42 km/h

Width :

2,510 m

Armour :

38 mm (Hull)
13 mm (Turret)

Height :

2,810 m

Current Location:

Brussels Tank  Museum

Weight :

27,272 kg

Comments :

This is an American Tank but due to the agreement between Britain and the US, this tank was modified to meet British requirements. Changes included the lengthening of the turret to the rear, this to accommodate Radio Equipment and changes to the cupola, this however did little to reduce the overall height of the tank.
The original Tank was known as the M3 and was known as the Grant under the British Flag.

Crew :


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Armament :

1 x 75 mm
1 x 37 mm